This morning Mayor Michael Bloomberg publicly acknowledged an issue we’ve all been painfully aware of for a very long time – that is, the love affair between New York and the very, very rich. On his regular Friday spot on the John Gambling radio show, Bloomberg argued against tax increases for high-income New Yorkers, explaining that we need the 1% to float our tax base. “Whether you think it’s right or not, the wealthy are mobile,” he stated. “And we want the richest people to come here and patronize our stores, and live here and bring their businesses here and pay their taxes here. And that does create a greater income disparity, but that’s also where the tax base comes from to fix the school systems, which will eventually help those people who are struggling get up the ladder.” According to Forbes, Bloomberg is the 10th richest person in the United States. We shouldn’t judge him so hard, people – he just wants to help out the little guys below him on the list.