To me, the phrase “bike garden” conjures up a vision of a magical, secluded place where nymph-like young folks frolic around on their fixies and freewheels, with nary a flat to be found and free tools and spare parts for all. As it turns out, I’m not so far off the mark.

“We’ll literally have tools hanging from trees,” says Dashaughn Miller of artist collective Indigo Hippie CO, a group that hopes to bring what they’re calling a bike garden to Fort Greene’s Greene Garden. “People can stop by, grab a wrench, fix their bike, and be on their way.” The garden would also include free Wi-Fi, a storage shed, generators, and bike pumps.

Indigo Hippie CO hopes to fund the project with a $5,000 grant from’s Good Maker Art Challenge, putting them in direct competition with architect Eric Ho’s Lower East Side pop-up art spaces, which we reported on earlier this week. They’ve received approval for the project from the Brooklyn Queens Land Trust and plan to pursue developing the garden with or without the GOOD grant.

(Photo: WELS net/Flickr)