I certainly hope none of you read our post on Tuesday morning and ran out to get your free vibrator, because if you did, you’re likely to be one of the hundreds who lined up in the Flatiron yesterday and were left high and dry. That’s right, the NYPD were dispatched to go inspect the Trojan Pleasure Cart’s permit and evidently there were…complications. Trojan’s director of marketing services told reporters that “there was confusion with the permit…Everything was in place, but I’m a bit sketchy with the details myself.”

But Trojan is a people-business, and so they took down the email addresses of the—uh, frustrated line-waiters so those who waited upwards of thirty minutes could still get their free vibrators. And according to this video from the Daily Beast, the giveaway went off without a hitch in the non-Flatiron neighborhoods.

(Photo: Andrew Fifield)