Do you wish you were a baller—maybe a little bit taller? Well, Kazam! Silver-tongued basketball player Shaquille O’Neil is back, and he’s here in NYC to tell you to eat lots of vegetables so you can grow big and strong!

O’Neil will join the Super Sprowtz, a tenacious team of superhero puppets whose ranks include Suzy Sweetpea, Brian Broccoli, and Shaq’s personal favorite, Erica Eggplant. The show at Lincoln Square Century 21 store will benefit the Food Bank for New York City. The retired athlete will join the motley stew on stage for the (super!) fun food frolic.

According to Carol Schneider, a Food Bank rep, “He’s reasonable unpredictable.”  “He’s not going to be shooting any baskets as far as I know,” she added.

As far as you know? Yeah, that’s definitely an inspired idea. Just throw Shaq in front of an audience, surround him by veggie puppets, and then see what happens. As Australian writer Germaine Greer once said, “The essence of pleasure is spontaneity.”

At least Shaq, who previously endorsed Burger King, will probably enjoy himself.

(Image: zozzva/Flickr)