sayFinally something of actual worth has come out of this idiotic “Shit Girls Say” meme. Remember that? December? 8 million hits? Don’t worry. Here’s an educational anti-dote. It will educate you on when to shut up.

Vlogger Chescaleigh has aptly parodied the “Shit Girls Say” series. (You know, the one that was kind of funny at first, because yeah, some girls are damn ridiculous with the dumb shit they say, but then it was everywhere, and with Juliette Lewis for some reason, and… eh. Bored.)

Obviously, whenever a racial topic is approached there will be confrontation, in fact, Chescaleigh has actually had to slap her video with a disclaimer: “This video is not stereotyping all white people. It is about SOME white people. Get over it.”

Yeah, get over it, and next time the some that have never been within the vicinity of a ghetto feel the need to squeak “Why is my computer acting so ghetto?” or express disgruntled, puzzled over-enthusiasm in exclaiming “I don’t really like rap” … Don’t.

Also, here’s the not-yet-so-old Star Wars version of the meme, which basically means ding, dong, the meme is dead.