In the latest installment of their neverending battle against everything that is true and good in this world, the folks at the New York Post recently published an article on the “bus-bike cycle of violence” that’s arisen this year, pointing to an apparent increase in the number of collisions between bus drivers and cyclists. Since the word violence is generally understood to imply some level of intent to harm, I guess what they meant to write was “cycle of accidents.” The article goes on to blame bike lanes for the crashes, citing complaints from bus drivers who’ve suffered “close calls” with bikers.

This, of course, is not the first time the Post has taken aim at bicycles and bike lanes.

The most interesting part of the screed comes way down at the 13th paragraph, when the writer admits that “A spokesman for the Department of Transportation said it was not aware of the bus drivers’ complaints and its statistics on collisions were lower” than the 25% jump that Post reported, and that the bike lane boom “has helped to more than double the number of cyclists commuting to work from 2007 to 2011.”

(Photo: Jason Pier in DC/Flickr)