New York City has dozens of historical sites that are competing for a $3 million grant to aid in their restoration and upkeep courtesy of American Express and the National Trust for Historic Preservation. People can vote online; the location with the most votes gets the glory (and the money). To read more about the Partners in Preservation program, go here. We were chosen as contributors and are getting paid to write about these historic sites which we probably would’ve been covering anyway. Win-win.

Welcome to the Federal Hall National Memorial. That’s the name for the site where the New York Custom House currently occupies. The original building, which at one time housed New York’s first city hall and all three branches of the newly formed U.S. government, was demolished in 1812. It’s also the location where George Washington took the first oath of office using a Masonic bible that is currently in the possession of St. John’s Lodge No.1, but will soon loaned to Federal Hall and put on display. Go check it out and don’t let the barricades out front mislead you, it is open. That’s just a “First Amendment Rights Area” for Occupy Wall Street.