The latest in a string of collaborative art projects involving Showpaper distribution boxes may be the coolest yet. The DIY-centric publication, which has commissioned two lines of custom newspaper boxes from artists in the past, recently unveiled its Brooklyn Shelf Life series at the Brooklyn Academy of Music.

One piece was created by graffiti writer UFO and craftsman W. Thomas Porter and features a massive 3D wood-and-metal realization of UFO’s signature tentacled alien character. After its public opening last night at BAM’s Peter Jay Sharp building, the piece will reside near Lafayette Ave. and Ashland Place in Brooklyn for one year and will house a “periodically rotating series of independently printed new work by 48 different publisher and artists,” including Showpaper.

The series was funded by BAM as part of their BAMart: Public program, which, after the unveiling of BAM’s new community-focused Richard B. Fisher performance center, means the Academy is doing pretty well in our book.

“It only made sense,” UFO told Brooklyn Street Art. “After over a decade drawing that stupid guy on the wall I began to wonder what he looked like in three dimensions…now I’m starting to wonder what the dude looks like in 5D.”

(Photo: superk8nyc/Flickr)