NYersThe “Shit __ Say” meme rolls on and so, naturally, here’s a clip with some dramatized snippets of shit New Yorkers say, sometimes, some. Yes, they’re always shooting Law and Order and no, we don’t care and where’s the train?

Some bits of this caricature rings more “true” than others, like ew, The Post and “You have to go Brooklyn, it’s the law.” Others are such a vicious concoction of borough discrimination and pretend trendiness, I want to shove lots and lots of bagels down their throats until they stop, just stop.

This one’s by siblings Eliot Glazer (It Gets Betterish) and Ilana Glazer (Broad City). Ok, now, we can stop. I just watched the utterly terrifying “Shit Russian Guys Say” and nod-worthy but also terrifying “Shit People Say to Russians” and I’m done, this is done.