PATNY1’s boy-faced morning news anchor Pat Kiernan might be internet-late to the “Shit _ Say” meme, but damn, this is enjoyable. Watch this Canadian expat spout classic New York obviousims and say other shit he says in his anchor voice. Truly, a master of deadpan delivery. He even sings a bit.

Inspired by Eliot Glazer’s “Shit New Yorkers Say” video’s adoring mention of him, Pat takes aim “at cabbies who try to honk their way out of traffic jams, the never-ending iTunes software updates, people who misuse the word ‘anniversary,’ impatient subway riders, and myself.” Erm, himself. His suave, quirky self. It’s a “Shit I Say” video, basically, yet, he somehow doesn’t appear to be an egomaniac narcissist because he’s magical Canadian Pat Kiernan.