Snippets From Bushwick Open Studios 2012

ANIMAL hit up Bushwick Open Studios last weekend and saw many, many studios. So many, many studios spread out all around galleries, complexes and people’s apartments, so relatively easy to get to, that with the L working this year and all. Aside from this mural by Sheryo x Never X The Yok (Hey, buddy!), there’re a few individual pieces we took a shine too. Check out the batch.

First up, Gregory Kloehn’s Dumpster House parked outside Bushwick Basel at Starr Space. A feat of mobile architecture and minimal living, this is an actual dumpster remodeled to hold a living-sleeping type room situation with a sink inside, with an outdoor grill and even a little shower, which actually comes just above the average crotch height. So, unless you’re short like me, ladies, this is going to be real inconvenient to use in the middle of the street. Because boobs.

Jae Song’s apparatus makes that wonderful noise of celluloid running through projectors, strung up around and looping through the entire kinetic sculpture. Unintentionally, the girl projected from both sides onto a suspended, semi-translucent screen is in conversation with herself. It just matched up that way.

One the oh dozens and dozens of artists showing their work at the 17-17 Troutman studio complexes, Eric Inkala’s style is vivid. It pops out. You don’t need a treatise, do you?

Spotted artist David Kink drawing from an olde horror television show or, judging by that suspended gun grown over with bloody flesh gunk…and his other work, that’s his version of “from life.”

Aaron William’s work (also at Troutman) is sourced from gorgeous landscape posters and pin ups, crumpled lightly. The rest of this radiant texture sprayed on with paint, creating imposible ridges and hues, illusions of side lighting or an inner glow. It’s quite beautiful. I’m a bit in love.

Here’s something I saw at Bushwick Basel that’s really fucking terrifying. Not quite sure what it was, but it’s insane. Overall, Bushwick Basel was a fun community event, with a dozen galleries exhibiting in the space selected by successful New York City painter Jules de Balincourt. Nice. Now, what was it?

We also stopped by El Celso and partner-in-crime Carolina Miranda’s place and saw the beginnings of their glorious Inca Soda tower in person, before they head off to Peru to rebuild the ruins of an ancient raided palace. Kickstarter funded. Hurray!

And then this happened… Yeah.

Back at Troutman studios. Again. This installation by Todd Polenberg (who does effects of the Blue Man Group show) is interactive. The little ball controller responds to our movement and manipulates the flashing light display. After seeing so many damn paintings, you can’t help but be drawn to pulsing, noise-making, interactive installations.

“Man Bartlett is the ultimate troll,” says Hrag Vartanian of Hyperallergic and then turns around and soundbites the damn line:


(Photos: Marina Galperina/ANIMALNewYork, Video: Katarina Hybenova/Bushwick Daily)