snowHere’s the most exciting thing the Russian people have ever seen outside their window since that tornado passed through Moscow that one time. Behold: It’s a crow… snow-tubing off the roof… repeatedly. Watch it and be amazed!

It’s usually human Russians that we catch in daredevil antics — DIY bungee-jumping in the projects, driving through a wall of fire, free-climbing bridges, and otherwise fucking around but this… This is something. Did this crow just turn whatever the hell it’s plucking at into a make-shift sleighing apparatus and joyfully whizz down the roof? Looks like it, yes. Shut up, cynical disbelievers. Yes, yes it did.

Also, that coughing little Rusky is adorable…

“Oh, look at it go! It’s sleighing just to torture and worry us.”

…and tragic like a Dostoyevsky protagonist.