A group of street vendors based in SoHo have launched a suit against the city of New York over what they claim was an unlawful raid in May. These five vendors had property confiscated or destroyed under false pretenses, as they were all fully licensed. The group is being represented by Matthew Shapiro, an attorney with the Urban Justice Center, which manages an advocacy campaign known as the Street Vendor Project. The amount of money being sought in the suit has not been made public, though the money is beside the point for the vendors. “I’m really not looking for money. I’m looking for my rights,” Alassane Fall, one of the plaintiffs who had more than $250 worth of sunglasses taken from his stand, told reporters. Residents of SoHo often complain about street vendors, who they claim leave litter and cause sidewalk congestion. (Photo: Jackie Barr/Flickr)