Eleven billion dollars. That’s how much money New York State’s Office of the Comptroller is holding in trust from banks, stock dividends, security deposits–even cell phone companies. It’s also two billion more from the last time I checked in 2010. And some of it could be yours! At a time when every dollar counts, it seemed like the perfect time to search the website that could potentially unlock lots of recreational money for New Yorkers. Including you, Governor Cuomo!

We weren’t even kidding, Verizon has money for Governor Andrew Cuomo.

No diplomacy needed for former Secretary-General of the United Nations Kofi Annan to collect.

How the hell is ponzi-scheming sewer rat Bernie Maddoff owed money? Someone needs to liquidate that right now.

New York Times Publisher Arthur Sulzberger has a surprise waiting for him from Oklahoma.

Meanwhile, arch nemesis, Rupert Murdoch, has an opportunity to get even richer via General Motors.

Speaking of publishers and Murdoch, can someone please explain why the Observer’s Jared Kushner is owed money from Newscorp.

As if billionaire George Soros needed any more money, there’s a few items waiting for him.

Donald Trump too, but unlike the latter, he can definitely use it.

There’s Disney money waiting for newly unemployed TV personality Keith Olbermann.

So does Jon Stewart.

And George Carlin (RIP)?

Actually, Mickey Mouse has cash for everyone, including wealthy comedian Jerry Seinfeld.

Since we’re on the topic of comedians, can Senator Al Franken please pick up his checks?

Ashton Kutcher too.

Switching gears, shouty-actor Alec Baldwin is on the list.

It’s also time for Tony Soprano aka James Gandolfini to collect.

Same goes for the “Wolf” Harvey Keitel.

Say hello to Al Pacino’s little friend: Giorgio Armani.

Although he’s busy with that whole film festival thing, someone wants to pay Robert De Niro.

She may not be allowed in the White House, but unabashed liberal Susan Sarandon has some unclaimed funds.

New York State owes Sandra Bullock a few things.

Actress and sometimes singer Gwyneth Paltrow, you’re on the list.

As is True Blood’s Anna Paquin.

Even Starbucks owes Liza Minnelli money.

Happy birthday Barbra Streisand, here’s our present to you.

Cyndi Lauper is the only celebrity I ever asked permission to take a picture of and she said no, but despite this, here.

Hollywood is looking for Tommy_Hilfiger.

All sorts of people have checks for Sean Combs.

There’s Sam Ash money ready for the E-R-I-C-K Sermon.