High Times, a stoner magazine that dumbs down the weed movement, but still deserves some sort of respect, held one its signature cannabis rating events in San Francisco’s Bay Area over the weekend. Since California is setting trends from coast to coast and the strains they grow out there will eventually make their way into tiny 1.8 grams-for-$50-jars on the streets of New York City, here are the winners and varieties to start requesting from your overpriced pot dealer.

1st Place – Cordero Kush Platinum, San Jose Patients Group
2nd Place – Master Yoda Kush, Kush connection
3rd Place – Cherry Cola, Sonoma County Collective

1st Place – Premium Jack Herer, Playbud Delivery Service
2nd Place – Yogi Diesel, Elemental Wellness
3rd Place – XJ-13 Cracker Jack, Santa Cruz Mountain Natural

1st Place – Larry OG Kush, The Cali Connection Seed Company
2nd Place – Ken’s Phantom, Granddaddy Purple Collective
3rd Place – OG Sky, Buddy’s Cannabis