Sotheby’s Art Handler Lockout Ends

06.01.12 Marina Galperina

The longest lockout in Sotheby’s history is over. After 10 months of cyclical negotiations, the Teamsters Local 814, Sotheby’s and their lawyers have reached an agreement.

With the combined support of Occupy Wall Street and the 2,740-strong petition, toting support from Fred Tomaselli, Marilyn Minter, William Powhida, Molly Crabapple and others. Also, internet-wide shame.

Art handlers have signed a deal for the next three years, raising their salaries 1%, maintaining workers’ benefits and protecting union jobs from being snagged by non-hires. However, “Sotheby’s got added flexibility on overtime and staffing issues,” which could mean a few things. Aside from being locked out and out of work, art handlers have also had their health insurance taken away since January 1st. That’s some pressure.

(Photo: International Brotherhood of Teamsters Events/Flickr)