When Steven Kuhr, director of the New York State Office of Emergency Management, deployed several hurricane relief workers to clear a tree from the driveway of his own Suffolk County home, he probably wasn’t expecting to lose his job over it, but that’s exactly what happened–when Governor Andrew Cuomo learned of the transgression, he released Kuhr from the $153,000-a-year job he’d held for just over a year.

Though the New York Times describes the Office of Emergency Management as the state counterpart to FEMA, Kuhr was not the senior official leading hurricane recovery. That position belongs to state Operations Director Howard Glaser.

Republican Senator Martin Golden, who represents areas like Gerrstein Beach was not happy with Kuhr’s deeds. “I’ve got people sitting in their homes with two inches of snow outside, they have no electricity, no hot water, they’re sitting in their homes and freezing to death,” he said. “This guy’s only worried about his own home? It’s sad. The governor made the right call.”

(Photo: Tod Kurt/Flickr)