Staten Island homeowners are getting their lawns painted green with by a sprayer to cover up bald spots and yellowing grass. This Stepford-esque street art aesthetic is okay with the law, seeing as it a) brings neighborhoods closer to picket-fence idealism, and b) puts money in the pocket of a local business.

The practice is common in sun-parched states like Arizona and Texas, only making the jump to the boroughs after high school phys ed coach Joe Perazzo saw his school’s football field get the same spray treatment and started his lawn-painting business three years ago. Perazzo uses the appropriately antiseptic product “Speclawn,” which not only leaves your lawn a lush green hours after application–it withstands rainstorms and lasts for three months (or permanently, if your grass is dead!). What it doesn’t do: get you arrested for tagging up the place.