Stop-and-Frisk App From Red Hook Initiative

10.17.12 Andy Cush

The Red Hook Initiative, a community center based in the eponymous Brooklyn neighborhood, recently rolled out a mobile app that allows residents to document their experiences being stopped-and-frisked by police. As a mobile website, the stop-and-frisk app is available on all platforms.

To use the app, you simply report as much information as you can about the incident, including whether you consented to be frisked, whether the officer used force, whether a reason was given for the stop, and where and when the stop happened. The information is then sent to both the Red Hook Initiative and the NYCLU (which has its own stop-and-frisk app as well), and is used for both organization’s regular reports on the practice.

“Irealized just how many young men in our neighborhood — and women — were being stopped,” said Anthony Schloss, who was involved in building the app. “It’s not about crime prevention, it’s about the right we should have as individuals to walk around our streets.” One 20-year old Red Hook Houses resident agreed, saying, “It would be strange if they stopped bothering us. The blue-and-whites, it’s almost like they’re bullies in the neighborhood.”

Get the Red Hook Initiative stop-and-frisk app here.

(Photo: joshkehn/Flickr)