Adding his voice to those of many of the expected 2013 mayoral cadidates, Public Advocate Bill de Blasio came out against the current stop-and-frisk (or stop-question-frisk) policy at a mural unveiling in Queens on Sunday Capital New York reports. More than 700,000 stop-and-frisks were reported last year, an overwhelming percentage of which were directed at black and Latino youth.

In a speech to those present at the reveal of a “Know Your Rights” mural at the Ravenswood Houses, de Blasio referred to a quote from former NYPD commissioner Bill Bratton, who likened stop-and-frisk tactics to chemotherapy: “While too high a risk can be fatal, the right amount can save a person or a city’s life.” “Right now, we’re doing the fatal dose,” de Blasio said, “We are applying stop-and-frisk in such a fashion that is actually counterproductive, and it’s hurting the most fundamental element of public safety, which is the ability of the community and the police to work together.”