The NYPD currently stores the information of more than 360,000 people who have been stopped and frisked, arrested or issued a summons, then cleared of any legal wrongdoing. However, a state appellate court ruled yesterday that the department can no longer keep the database, after a lawsuit filed by the NYCLU contended that the practice was in violation of state law.

“With this victory, innocent New Yorkers who are the victims of unjustified police stops will no longer suffer the further injustice of having their personal information stored indefinitely in an NYPD database,” said NYCLU Executive Director Donna Lieberman. “he court’s ruling finally clears the names of more than 360,000 innocent people whose only crime was that they were stopped and frisked by NYPD officers.”

(Photo: FOR-USA Fellowship of Reconciliation/Flickr)