Street Art “Grinch” Ruins Holiday Mural in Little Italy

Little Italy has been particularly festive this winter, thanks to a community of residents and businesses warming up to street art. NoseGo came all the way from Philly to give us Christmasaurus. And it was good.

And then, a jerk ruined it, without any authority to do so. Because he is a jerk.

The tip comes our way from street art enthusiast Wayne Rada, along with an open letter to the community publicly shaming a certain Mr. Trieu and detailing his crapulence:

Despite the fact that we had permission from the owner of the building to paint this mural, HENRY TRIEU who rents apartment 1F at 118 Mulberry Street, has zero authority, resents Little Italy, and says its residents are a pain-HIS WORDS! – falsely claimed to be the owner of the building and unsuccessfully tried to block the mural from being finished. After he said such horrible things, we tried to clam him to let him know after the holidays it would be paint it back to gray, but that wasn’t good enough for HENRY TRIEU!  So, late Monday early Tuesday 12/18 in a spiteful and selfish act against the community and Christmas itself, HENRY TRIEU painted over the mural in an ugly red color.

You’re a mean one, Mr. Grinch. What’s with this trend of vigilante buffing lately? Remember: Reverse vandalism is vandalism!