Dozens of rule-abiding Bronx high school students are now without cell phones, thanks to some armed thieves capitalizing on the Department of Education’s strict electronics ban.

Yesterday, three gunmen broke into the ironically titled “Safe Mobile Storage” outside of Christopher Columbus High School on Astor Avenue in the Bronx, bound the workers with duct tape and stole up to fifty cell phones, according to MyFoxNY.

“They took my iPhone and my iPod Touch,” said Brandon Solas, 18. Many New York City students pay $1 a day to store their electronics in these vans.

Solas told the New York Post that the robbers got away with “mostly iPhones, iPod Touches and Blackberrys.”

Though the DOE says that it is for students’ safety, many people aren’t too happy with the ban.

In an interview with MyFoxNY, City council member Peter Vallone, Jr. argued against the DOE’s position on cellphones in schools. He said the “theft is result of wrong-headed DOE policy which endangers our kids.”

The City Council had already passed a measure that would allow cell phones in schools but it was determined they actually don’t have the power change DOE policy.

“It’s bad enough that our school children are forced to haggle with truck drivers and bodega owners because the DOE can’t figure out a way to allow phones to be brought into school,” he continued. “But now this incompetence has led to an even more dangerous situation – robberies outside of schools and potential predators with all sorts of personal information.”

(Photo: Pure Loyalty Storage/Facebook)