These photographs of cereal masquerading as fish, plants and hay-bales are an endearingly clever take on the traditional breakfast foods we all know and love. In his Cerealism series, Ernie Button (whose name is just as adorable as his work) has managed to depict Lucky Charms, Apple Chacks and Grape Nuts (Meh) as parts of seemingly-sweeping landscapes. With poetic names like “Shredded Wheat At Dusk” and “Pink Clouds And Green Clovers,” these photographs make us miss the days of gorging on sugar-loaded breakfasts, whether you were 5 years old or a broke-ass college student. To stimulate your nostalgia, a selection of prints from the Cerealism series will be on view next year at Camerawork Gallery in Portland Oregon from January 26th to February 22nd.

(Photos: Ernie Button)