Surveillance Cam Exonerates Man, Incriminates Cop

A Brooklyn man was hit with a felony charge and facing up to seven years in prison for an incident in which he did nothing wrong, but now it’s the arresting NYPD officer who’s facing legal trouble, thanks to a crime-fighting surveillance camera. Let’s go to the video tape.

It shows MTA employee John Hockenjos calmly pulling into his driveway and getting out to talk to the two cops who were standing it, while they spoke to the neighbor he has frequent disputes with. But according to Officern Diego Palacios’ sworn criminal complaint, Hockenjos drove “a four-door sedan at a high rate of speed into a driveway” causing him “to jump out of the way to avoid being hit by defendant’s vehicle.” And so he arrested him.

Perhaps that happend in an alternate universe, however, this video shows a completely different story. As Hockenjos’ defense attorney Craig Newman notes, “In my 20 years of legal experience, I’ve never seen this crystal clear example of a false arrest” or perjury.