Residents of Brooklyn’s Gowanus neighborhood fear that Royal Palms, a new 17,000-square-foot nightclub featuring regulation-sized shuffleboard courts, will bring legions of drunken senior citizens to their sleepy neighborhood. “This is a nice quiet neighborhood, but you’re gonna bring a lot of drunk people around here,” said Gowanus resident Joe Padilla. “When business starts blowing up, it’s gonna get real dirty.”

Brooklyn Paper reports that prospective neighbors of the apparently Florida-themed nightclub are worried that it will turn the area into a “booze-soaked hub for loud hipster game players.” It’s unclear whether they’re concerned about the cooler-than-thou Bushwick twenty-somethings generally associated with the h-word, or if there’s some 65-plus, Tommy Bahama-wearing, indie rock-listening scourge on its way to Brooklyn.

Half of the Royal Palms floorspace will be devoted to shuffleboard, but the bar will also feature lounge music and episodes of “The Love Boat” playing on TV. Hip!

(Photo: Chris Enns/Flickr)