While everyone was still drunkenly celebrating independence day and another win for Takeru Kobayashi in his longstanding hot dog eating rivalry with Joey “Jaws” Chestnut, RecordSetter.com revised his official score, bringing it down to a measly 58.5 dogs in ten minutes instead of the record-setting 68.5. They announced the change on their Twitter account, citing miscounted plates to a “freaking out” Kobayashi fan.

This is not the first miscount that favors the Japanese hot dog wunderkind. Last year, in a non-competitive hot dog-noshing fete, Kobayashi was said to have beat the world record (set by Joey Chestnut) of 68 dogs in ten minutes by consuming 69. Later analysis of the video proved he had actually eaten 65 hot dogs.

Looks like we can truly ring out that chant now: USA! USA! (Photo: Yamchild/Flickr)