In the strange and sweaty realm of professional competitive eating, few boast fame along with their food gorging talents. That being said, plenty of us would recognize Takeru Kobayashi, the small and muscled Japanese record holder for most hotdogs eaten. Only now Kobayashi is looking to expand more than just his stomach.

He’s joined a group of investors, which includes Syracuse coach (and bespectacled curmudgeon) Jim Boheim, who plan make Hoffman’s a big deal hot dog brand. While Hoffman’s has been around since 1879, it’s only ever been available in central NY—until recently. A few national grocery chains now carry it, and a plan for a Hoffman’s restaurant in Dallas is underway.

Kobayashi will serve as the new face of Hoffman’s. Part of his deal is that he’ll get his own line of links; he’s developing the recipe with current company president, Rusty Flook.

But no matter how many of these designer dogs Kobayashi manages to cram down his gullet, the ANIMAL staff promises to eat zero.