After being hugged by friends and supporters, 50-year-old Brooklyn artist Takeshi Miyakawa apologized for any inconvenience he caused Williamsburg residents when he, you know, tried to show them how much he loves New York with a public art installation. The artist had been sentenced to 30 days behind bars, which even his arresting officers found absurd, pending a psychiatric evaluation after his plastic bag art installation was confused for a series of bombs. Miyakawa will now undergo the court-mandated evaluation through an outpatient program. Miyakawa is still charged with planting a false bomb, reckless endangerment and criminal nuisance.
On the steps of the courtroom, the “criminal nuisance” had the following to say:
“I just wanted to bring a piece of art to the street, so I could communicate to people in the street with my art. I didn’t do this to get the media attention and focus. That’s something I wanted to make sure. It was supposed to be very quiet, discreet, anonymous in the location for five days. And I was going to remove this piece after five days.” Dastardly.