Teenagers Demonstrating Against Stop-And-Frisk In Father’s Day Silent March

A coalition of over 115 community groups are holding a silent march on Father’s Day, protesting Ray Kelly and the NYPD’s policy of stop-and-frisk. Check out their new video above. And similar to the “We are the 99%” tumblr, some teenagers started a tumblr decrying the number of times they’ve been stopped. As we all know, stop-and-frisks disproportionately affect young black and Hispanic men.

From the website:

“In contrast to previous demonstrations, we will march in silence as an illustration of both the tragedy and serious threat that stop and frisk and other forms of racial profiling present to our society. The silent march was first used in 1917 by the NAACP – then just eight years old – to draw attention to race riots that tore through communities in East St. Louis, Illinois, and build national opposition to lynching.”

The march starts at 3P.M. on Father’s Day, June 17th, beginning at 110th and continuing down 5th Ave.