driveA&E’s Last Chance Driving School debuts this Saturday night and I’m scared. This Sven dude says he can get “anyone to pass a road test” and if any of the show’s “real” people are “really” driving out there, invest in a full body foam suit, now. Expect them: “Feisty Brazilian firecracker Carla gets Pete worked up with her road rage in Manhattan and Carlos takes to the streets with Sabina, one of the craziest and most dangerous drivers the school has ever seen!” Oh, good. And this week, “Pete is pushed to the edge by first time driver Sharron–one of the worst drivers he’s seen in his 37 years on the road!” Oh good. And then, when Fun Personality A plows down a biker, Sven isn’t too pleased. Then, Fun Personality B gives a pedestrian a half-block ride on the hood of the car, much to Pete’s tsk-tsks.