The 1WTC Spire Is Finally Here

Have you been following the saga of One World Trade Center’s spire as it makes its way from a factory in Quebec down into New York? It’s been sort of dramatic! First, ADF, the steel company that constructed the antenna, held it for ransom, saying it was missing $8.2 million in invoices from the tower’s owners, including the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey. Then, the owners apparently got their act together, and the piece was put on a boat to the U.S. The Port Authority was so excited it set up a website for users to check the spire’s maritime progress.

And today, a barge carrying nine 70-ton pieces of the antenna arrived in New York City. Construction is scheduled for completion this spring. Hooray! 1,776 feet, here we come.

(Photo: WTCProgress/Flickr)