The Best of ANIMAL 2012

12.31.12 Marina Galperina

Undoubtedly, 2012 has been a crazy year for ANIMAL. We made lots of stuff. Here’s a roundup of the best web shows, short films, features, and other editorial items our staff and freelance contributors conjured up.

Original Video…

What Are You Doing Tonight? Coney Island

Animals Eating Animals: Episode 1

Jay Smooth’s Ill Doctrine: All These Sexist Gamer Dudes Are Some Shook Ones

Eric Kelly: Weak Men Pay This Boxing Coach To Tell Them They Are Terrible

Merry Indie X-Mas, a Very Cool Holiday Album From ANIMAL

Bucky Turco…

Holiday in Cairo: Protest Tool Prices in Tahrir Square

Watch NYC’s Most Untalented Bike Thief

Vaporize Me

Check Out This “Fast Track” to Police Tidbits I Found

Strange Creature Spotted Near the East River Was Not a Monster

The Wu-Tang Comics That Never Were: We-Massacre

Marina Galperina…

Dash-cams: Russia’s Last Hope For Civility And Survival On The Road

Interview With the Yellowist: Why Rothko Got Tagged and You’re Next

Raw Talk: James Deen and Stoya on LA’s Mandatory Condom Porn Law

Pussy Riot’s Lawyers: In Jail, Rape Is Only the Least of the Dangers

Is It Too Late for #Seapunk Ponchos?

Yes, We Tested The New Keith Haring Sex Toys

Jayson Musson’s Coogi Canvases Are a Hit, Even If You Don’t Get Hennessy Youngman

Andy Cush…

Pug Destroyer: Dogs Singing Death Metal

Watch the Cone: Ben of Ben & Jerry’s Stamps Money Out of Politics

Brooklyn Rock Lottery: New Music From Four NYC Supergroups

My Evening In Battery Park’s $960-Per-Square-Foot Art Project

State Senator With Lil Wayne Beef Discusses Nicki Minaj, Run DMC, and Action Bronson

Aymann Ismail…

I Am a Muslim and I Shot the World Trade Center

Delancey Kong

Artsy Manhattan Blackout Photos

Meet the U.S. Pole Dancing Champion

Holiday in Cairo: Cars Burn, Rubber Bullets Fly, And Tear Gas Is the New Oxygen in Tahrir Square

 Joseph Schulhoff…

Meet Mindy Meyer, the 21st District Diva

Damian’s Inferno: Meet HAELER

Cab Roulette: Abdulai

Sign of the Times: Do You Think Elmo Is Guilty Or Innocent?

Pressing People in Newton: How Media Affects Mourning

Kyle Chayka…

Shots Heard ‘Round the World: The 3D-Printed Gun Revolution Begins

12 Drugs From Ancient Cultures And Where To Get Them

How to Be a Digital Anarchist

A Short History of Death on the New York Subway

Matt Harvey…

Wanted “Drone” Poster Artist Discusses How He Punked the NYPD

Yale University’s Basquiat ‘Book’ May Be Stolen and Not Really A Basquiat

This Is Not Michael Bloomberg’s Driver’s License

A Tale of Two Cities: Wading Through the Inequity of Disaster Relief in NYC

Step Right Up, Serial Killers Here: Inside NYC’s Most Controversial Haunted House

Nate Cepis…

Your Voters’ Bill of Rights From ANIMAL and NYC Public Advocate

Illustrating Donald Trump’s Revolutionary Militia

Minimalist Pussy Riot

Irina Dvalidze…

Famous People Playing Themselves Supercut

Piano Across America

A Basquiat Emerges in Brooklyn

Lily Streeter…

Cute, Psychotic, Punk Rock: NY’s Rhinestone Gorilla Burlesque

Mike Immerman & Allison Bagg…

Today’s Pigeon

Thomas Kemeny…

Excuse Me, Here’s the Bathroom

James Noel Smith…

I Should Have Shot That!