This experiment brought to us by Lorenz Potthast of Bremen, Germany is simple, but actually kind of mind-blowing. Potthast was feeling that society was moving way too fast and decided to invent a visual, tangible form of the ultimate “chill pill.”

In order to challenge the way we perceive the world, he created this “Deceleration Helmet” that renders everything in slowmotion. A video camera sends moving images to a small computer in the helmet, which subsequently renders the footage into slow-motion to be played back in front of the helmet-wearer’s eyes.

Potthast explains that “the inconceivably amount of information and influences in our everyday lives leads in many cases to an excessive demand.The idea to decouple the personal perception from the natural timing enables the user to become aware of his own time.” The temporal distortion may be fully customizable via a hand-held remote control, but we’re still glad this thing comes with a helmet.

Or you can take the other other chill pill. No judgement.