We’re sad to learn that Brooklyn’s Dekalb Market will be evicted from its current location on Flatbush Avenue and Willoughby Street as early as October 2012.

Founded by Eldon Scott of the Union Square Holiday Market and owner of Urban Space—a company ‘dedicated to the economic renewal of under utilized space for retail’, the destination uniquely fosters community and sustainability by transforming what was once a vacant lot into an eclectic urban retail environment for artists, merchants and food purveyors. Among its most notable characteristics are 20 colorful shipping containers that were recycled and transmuted into retail spaces and pop-up restaurants last July.

In a not so unfamiliar commercial real-estate scenario, the landlord will be forcing the tenants out of their space as they plan for construction of permanent housing and a corporate retail center on the site.

According to Eater, ‘the shop owners and restaurateurs knew that the market was eventually going to move, but they were told that they had about five years at the current address.’

ANIMAL’S made some creative friends during our visits to the market and we hope to witness this community’s continual growth – wherever they may land.

(Photo: michellegross2012/Flickr)