Don Rogerson, an Iowa based freelance writer, has written a book detailing the name and history of every Manhattan street, past and present. “Ever wonder why Houston Street is pronounced House-ton and not Hews-ton? Curious about who, what or where “Gramercy” comes from? Do you know where to find Oyster Pasty Alley, Dirty Lane, or the Golden Hill?” he writes. “The people, places and things that provided names for the streets of Manhattan have largely faded into history, but the street names live on as everyday memorials.”┬áRogerson admits that other books have ventured into similar territory, but says that his is the first to include historic places that no longer exist.

The project recently met and exceeded its $2,670 Kickstarter goal, and Rogerson hopes to have a trade paperback and e-book out by spring 2013.

(Photo: William Ward/Flickr)