Andrew Ohanesian, Brooklyn installation artist and grad-school opt-out, has embarked on his most ambitious project yet — he’s having a party. The soiree will take place tomorrow, Sep. 14, at the industrial-scale annex of Williamsburg art pioneer Pierogi 2000, known as the Boiler Room. Part of a former factory, the Boiler Room boasts 40 foot ceilings and functions as perfect space for performances, readings and most recently – parties.

Ohanesian, originally from Laguna Beach, has previously created various interactive installations such as his one-man bar in at the Arch Collective in Bushwick. Reminiscent of a confessional booth, the piece featured a single lonely barstool and Budweiser on tap. “The House Party”, however, is a slightly larger-scale endeavour and Ohanesian’s highest-budget project yet that cost about $25,000 to install. In an interview with Hyperallergic, he jokes that “I basically blew my savings for grad school on this piece. Fuck grad school.”

In a case of Art imitating Life, the artist hopes to authentically “recreate a uniquely American rite of passage characterized by its seemingly innocuous namesake” – the so-called “House party”. Ohanesian apparently plans to “relinquish only the illusion of control to his guests”. Clearly he’s never been to an actual house party.

“The House Party,” Andrew Ohanesian, The Boiler, Sep 14– Nov 18, Reception: Fri, Sep 17. 7-10 pm, Brooklyn