The Life of a New York
“Outdoor Artist”

Anthony Dominguez is a polite, unassuming man whose intense, graphic novel-esque art is displayed at the Exit The Fall exhibit at Clayton Patterson’s Gallery and Outlaw Art Museum.

He’s also homeless.

In this video from TajCam, we follow Clayton Patterson and Anthony Dominguez to the 42nd Street Public Library where he works and the 79th Street Metro-North Tunnel where he lived, a place he calls “a cathedral” and “a sanctuary” and then, the opening. They take the train — something Anthony only does a few times a year. He walks fifteen miles a day.

This is a poignant vignette. At one point, Anthony expresses concern about “trying to blend in” as he walks with Clayton down the street. It’s cute, considering Clayton’s fierce beard and swagger. It’s also devastating since a man this talented and meek has to fear and face daily judgement from other New Yorkers.

If you want to see the show, set up an appointment here. You can purchase the work through The American Primitive Gallery.