One of New York City’s most prolific vandals has reportedly been arrested. “LEWY,” whom the NYPD has identified as Enno Tianen, was hit with a litany of charges such as “criminal mischief, making graffiti, criminal trespass and possession of a graffiti instrument” after a months-long investigation by the NYPD according to the New York Daily News. Although his tags and fill-ins have conspicuously adorned both public and private property for years now, it was undoubtedly the high profile bombing of the Brooklyn Bridge this summer, a feat which has only been done a handful of times, that motivated police to find him. It also probably didn’t help that he’s the lead suspect in the brazen theft of a $100,000 KAWS painting from Marc Ecko’s Manhattan offices in September 2011. (Photo: Press Pause/Flickr)