You’d think that if someone was arrested for a minor subway violation and kept in NYPD custody, painfully chained to a fence for 28 hours, there would be an uproar of “That’s unheard of!” Well, it’s heard of. Apparently, the NYPD has a habit of overenthusiastic arrests of transgender people and conducting strip-searches for the sole purpose of gawking at their genitals.

Keep it classy, cops!

The latest case is Temmie Breslauer who was arrested on January 12th for using her dad’s discount fare card and, like the dangerous criminal that she was, kept chained with her arm up above her head for over a day, while the cops referred to her by slurs and aggravated her PTSD, causing long-term psychological distress. Following a long series of similar complaints against the department, the New York City Anti-Violence Project is offering up some guidelines for the officers on how to “deal” with transgender people, which are — GASP! — shockingly similar to how you’d deal with non-transgender people, like not groping them and, instead, treating them with “basic respect and dignity.”