The Weather Channel announced recently that it would give names to up to 26 winter storms this year, one for every letter of the alphabet, and the namesakes chosen are the kinds of titanic forces you might expect. For H: Helen, daughter of Zeus. For K: Khan, ruler of the Mongol empire. For Q: the Q train, shuttler of straphangers from Coney Island to Midtown.

But why the mythical broadway express line in particular, and not any of our city’s other majestic trains? “We could not find a good Q,” Weather Channel spokesperson Bryan Norcross told the New York Times. Oh. And how does the MTA feel? “I guess it’s an honor for the Q train to be listed in the same august company as Euclid, Plato and Zeus,” said Transit Authority spokesperson Adam Lisberg. “We’re always leery of anything that equates a remarkably well-run subway system with disruptions to millions of people across the country.”

(Photo: waywuwei/Flickr)