The Rogue Taxidermy Biennial 2012

05.01.12 Marina Galperina

The Rogue Taxidermy Biennial is not everyone’s cup of tea… or mount of bloody bunny with tentacles, rather. Behold, 25 rogue taxidermy artists rounded up for a “Biennial” at the La Luz de Jesus Gallery in Los Angeles (inside Wacko’s Soap Plant), promising to have procured the specimens ethically, from the side of the road and such. Stuff to make your stomach churn, like churned rat stomachs, gun-antlered deer and flying monkeys pulling dildos out of top hats. I’m sorry, Morrissey. The Rogue Taxidermy 2012 Biennial, curated by Robert Marbury, La Luz de Jesus Gallery, May 4th – 27th, 2012