houseHere’s a demonstration of Quintron’s invention The Singing House. It’s a house rigged with rain drop collectors and wind censors that turns storms, sunsets, etc. into something like ambient music… but with lots of synth. Can you dig it? Can you stand it?

The analog “drone synth” is completely modulated by the weather, and “no two days sound alike.” Rain drops turn into electronic pops and gurgles. Winds are chords. The moon purrs. The lightning scratches. Nifty stuff, but how many same synth chords can you stand per windy day? Maybe… record a year of this, speed it up, and let the distorted sunset/sunrise chimes be the beat, be the beat? Ah, your art, your call, Quintron.

This one stands in New Orleans, not to be confused with Swoon’s Playable House, which is looking lovely this time of year.