The Transparency Grenade

02.20.12 Marina Galperina

Artist Julian Oliver created a dangerous weapon against corporate and governmental corruption: The Transparency Grenade. The explosive material inside: a microphone, a computer and a powerful wireless antenna, transmitting network traffic intercepted at secretive meetings and streaming it to a server. The sever, in turn, maps the hacked fragments of email, pages and audiovisuals. BOOM.

The creator is clearly not an amateur, name-dropping WikiLeaks’ predecessor and having previously performed all kinds of hacktivist ruckus. So, we trust its electronic innards are functional. The exterior shell shape is very appropriate for an object of so-called “cyber warfare.” In tone, it reminds a bit of the anatomically correct heart-shaped Molotov cocktail.

Oliver says that aside from government corruption, his main “target” would be the Agricultural sector and the aggressive secrecy of the food’s industry, specifically meat production. Yeah, we’ve heard about that.