These Babes Want You To Have Better Sex

08.23.12 Andy Cush

Having trouble in bed? Babeland, a Brooklyn-based sex shop, is hoping to teach you a thing or two. The shop is offering a series of “Moregasm” workshops, sex classes that are open to “people of all genders, orientations and applicable whether you’re in a relationship or solo,” according to Babeland co-founder Clare Cavanah. No matter your preference, Moregasm has you covered, offering classes on everything from toys to nonstandard positions to finding the fabled G-spot. Lest you worry that bringing something as alive an exciting as sex into a classroom setting would drain it of its vitality, Cavanah is promising several interactive exercises, with “great performances” from the instructors. Ooh la la!

The classes are being held in conjunction with Brooklyn Brainery, an organization that seeks to provide “accessible, community-driven, crowdsourced education” (usually on decidedly less titillating topics like “Fundamentals of Immunology” and “The History of Scotch Whisky”) for BK. “I’m always super impressed by the way they make everyone comfortable in classes about what can be an awkward or private subject,” said Brainery co-founder Jen Messier, expressing her admiration for Babeland.

Workshops will cost $35, and are being held at Babeland’s 462 Bergen Street location.