Brooklyn designer Norman Ibarra creates these beautiful playing cards out of the used Metrocards he’s been picking up around the city since 2001. Each card is individually screenprinted in vivid, four-color enamel ink by Ibarra himself. Pretty cool, right? The only catch: a deck will cost you a cool $750 (or a staggering $14.42 per card, as one coworker pointed out).

“I always thought it was such a waste to see all the trashed cards in the subway stations,” Ibarra told ANIMAL. “I started collecting them for a few weeks until I had a small stack.” The idea to turn them into playing cards began as a joke between Ibarra and some friends, then lodged itself into the designers brain until he was compelled to make it reality.

“After a few months of getting familiar with screen printing and some troubleshooting, the project got going in a big way,” he said. “I think my ultimate goal was to make see a project through from start to finish and to show my respect and gratitude for living in such a awesome city.”

If the $750 price tag seems a little steep, you can also cop a set of four face cards for $150. Everything’s available onĀ Etsy.