A collision between two buses near the Jersey entrance of the Lincoln Tunnel at around 7AM today has left traffic conditions through the tube even worse than the clusterfuck we’re used to–and to cope, some commuters decided to simply walk from New Jersey to New York. And in addition to the traffic, the crash was also responsible for some 20 injuries.

From ANIMAL’s office on 11th ave near 44th Street, we’re privy to the traffic apocalypse that is the Lincoln Tunnel entrance every day, and anecdotally, it’s even worse than usual today–it looks like the crash has seriously snarled things on the New York side of the tunnel as well.

Between hurricane damage, the only recently-relieved subway outages, and the still-raging gas shortage, a traffic disaster like this is just what New York and New Jersey need. Godspeed, commuters.

(Photo: NataliaPeguero/Twitter)