These Shot Glasses Look Drunk

01.31.12 Marina Galperina

Yesterday, we discovered the aesthetic joys of luxurious methadone packaging. Just in time for lunch time, here are some awesomely TIPSY shot glasses by Loris&Livia. Bottoming out has never looked so stylish, so bottoms up! These Dalí-esque beauties are actually classic French Duralex Picardie glasses, deformed with some skillful melting in East London and perfect for a dainty serving of liquor and giggles about how meta they are.

The Russian equivalent of that would be taking the cult classic six-sided 250ml glass (exact for splitting a standard Soviet vodka bottle three-ways) and melting it into a warbled clear saucer for easy lapping, when you’re so thoroughly sloshed, the piano has been drinking too.