The above video, in which two supremely goofy men use motorized surfboards with wheels on the bottom to “surf” (read: longboard) around the streets of New York City, has gotten a fair amount of attention on the internet since it was posted.   None of the blogs that posted it, however–not Mashable, not Gothamist, not Talk Radio 960, not even our generally sharp-eyed friend at Doobybrain–noticed the most important thing about the clip: that it’s a guerilla trailer for Chasing Mavericks, the upcoming surf film starring Jonny Weston and Gerard Butler. I’m not sure who failed harder: the bloggers who didn’t notice that it was a marketing scheme or the filmmakers for not dropping enough hints that it was a trailer. Either way, the trailer, with its West Coast vibes and late-period Sting-approximating soundtrack, is pretty corny.