It’s New Year’s Eve! A time for getting drunk, getting sentimental, and reflecting on the year past and the year to come. What resolutions will you make? How will you grow and change? Will you finally get laid/get a job/get your band signed? Only time will tell!

But one awesome thing about 2013 is nearly certain: Ison, the brightest comet in decades–brighter than the full moon–will streak across the sky, visible to the naked eye in November and perhaps for months after that. David Whitehouse poetically describes Ison at the Independent

Ison’s surface is very dark – darker than asphalt – pockmarked and dusty with ice beneath the surface. It’s a small body, a few tens of miles across, with a tiny pull of gravity. If you stood upon it you could leap 20 miles into space taking over a week to come down again, watching as the comet rotated beneath you. You could walk to the equator, kneel down and gather up handfuls of comet material to make snowballs, throw them in a direction against the comet’s spin and watch them hang motionless in front of you. But it will not remain quiet on Comet Ison for the Sun’s heat will bring it to life.